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Apremont’s lake

Pêche au lac d'ApremontThe presence of this lake, crossed by the river “Vie”, also allows you to practise the boating, the bathing with a fine sand beach and, naturally for the amateurs, the walk on its banks.

Of a surface of 177 ha, this lake offers a beach fitted out with bathing, aquatic slide, water-sports club, also the rent of boats and boats with pedals, and especially of the peach with good places with carps on 9,5 km of banks. The accesses of the lake also offer routes of hikes, and circuits mountain bike.

The Apremont’s castle

Tour du château d'Apremont
Childhood friend and big servant of the 1st king François, Philippe Chabot is named an admiral of France and makes build by 1534 an impressive castle the Renaissance on the bases of the family fortress of Apremont known for the XIth century. This castle will receive king Louis XIII in 1622 after its victory on the Protestants of Benjamin de Rohan-Soubise but will then be given up by his(her) Lords. Charles-Paul Sigismond de Montmorency-Luxembourg orders in 1735 the destruction and the sale of the castle with the exception of the Chapel and two magnificent tours(towers,ballots).

The “vélo rail” of Commequiers

Gare du vélo rails

Départ du vélo rails

Vélo rails en famille

Arrivée du vélo rails

The station of the bike rail is situated to Commequiers. The initial station is built by 1890, with the aim of creating a station of style SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) makes of bricks. it was situated in the intersection of the destinations of Coëx – the Rock on Yon, of the coast of Notre-Dame of Riez, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie and Challans. Afterward, the importance of the traffic with the trains which transported fertilizers, cereal, building materials, coal and especially cattle required the installation of a hotel in a house built in 1895. This new hotel situated in front of the station is baptized ” Hotel of the railroad “. In the same year, the creation of the restaurant of the station made its appearance.

Closed in 1940, the line is put back in circulation under the activity, and it until 1970. Again deleted, it is opened again in 1982. At present closed, in the direction of the Rock on Yon, only a section of the former line situated between Commequiers and Coëx, was protected, it is used at the moment by the track inspection railcars of the Bike rail, in tourist custom.

The track inspection railcar allows you to move on the railroad. This vehicle allows you to make the inspection of railroads by transporting the technicians and the material(equipment) necessary for the maintenance. These track inspection railcars use various forms of energy: muscular (arms or legs) or steam or in diesel.


Today, the bike rail of Commequiers uses 20 cyclos-track inspection railcars. These last ones use the muscular strength of the legs of two passengers. They transport 2 to 4 persons even 5 persons among whom 1 child under age 12.

You leave embark on this atypical vehicle!!!!

This route(course) allows you to discover and to savor the charm of the green coast, the typical houses of the low bocage. The route(course) raises itself(draws up itself) of Commequiers in passing to Saint Maixent on Life to end its adventure in the small municipality of Coëx. It is before anything else, very friendly, a good atmosphere all along the route. The Bike rail assures(insures) you an original and friendly stroll to share between friends or in family!!!

The “Vie” is a vendean river harming(serving) swamps. it has 13 kilometers of waterway. The origin of its name dates the XIth century, “Via”, which comes can be of “Vigia”, wet. it is populated with white fishes (Bleaks and roaches) and of carnivores (pike, carp, perch)

Having crossed(gone through) 9.8 kilometers on the railroad, you arrive on the Municipality(Commune) of Coëx. You will use the moving plate to return your track inspection railcar and begin to take the way back.